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MentorBox Podcast

Sep 13, 2018

“When we’re just completely ourselves as humans, we resonate with other humans.” - Cameron Herold

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Vulnerability is in.

Today, our Facebook feeds are filled with people sharing personal stories. But are the people behind these accounts being truly vulnerable? Or, are they marketing themselves as someone who is vulnerable? When we implement this filter, we can start to distinguish which of the two categories the people around us fall into, and thus—who is being authentic and who isn’t.

On today’s episode of The Mentorbox podcast, we are joined by Cameron Herold to discuss vulnerability and authenticity. As a consultant, Cameron has helped companies as large as 1-800-GOT-JUNK find their identity and more than 10x in size. He is the founder of the COO Alliance, and has written 5 books including Vivid Vision.

Tune in to this episode to make sense of what society says is real, so you can better sift through some of the confusing stimuli around us.

You can learn more about Cameron Herold here

“The reason we get addicted to things is to avoid 1 of 4 things: hungry, angry, lonely, tired.” - Cameron Herold

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Authenticity is being without altering your identity or personality
  • When we’re just completely ourselves as humans, we resonate with other humans
  • Distinguish between true vulnerability and marketing vulnerability
  • With smartphones in our hands, we can be classified as cyborgs
  • Knowing what you don’t know is the first step towards self-develpment
  • Studies show that the use of psychedelics has positive emotional/mental effects