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MentorBox Podcast

Jun 4, 2018

“I used adversity to my advantage. I took in what had happened, and redirected my skills and abilities to go down a different path and be successful that way.” - Diamyn Hall

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Adversity is inevitable.

But what you do with adversity is a choice. We have two options when something unfortunate happens to us. We can either sit and wallow in the misery, or we can transcend the circumstances by reframing our experience to be something positive.

On today’s episode of The MentorBox Podcast, we are joined by Diamyn Hall, the Mental Skills Development Coordinator for the Wright State University baseball team. After suffering a traumatic physical injury playing high school football, Diamyn pivoted career paths to become a mental coach for other elite athletes. In this conversation, he talks about being a mentor in such high-pressure scenarios, and we extrapolate his lessons on goal-setting and reframing adversity, all the way to family development and the cultivation of the next generation of great leaders.

You can learn more about Diamyn’s methods at his website here

“Those are the things we take for granted until you realize this is something that can be taken away from you within the snap of a finger.” - Diamyn Hall

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • High-pressure situations build the ability to handle pressure in the future
  • We realize what we take for granted when its existence is threatened
  • Baseball, like many sports, is 90% mental and 10% physical
  • Use adversity to your advantage by redirecting your skills
  • When teaching lessons, try to individualize to the learner’s abilities
  • Try to move towards your goals one step at a time
  • Find what you’re passionate about by getting exposure to new things