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MentorBox Podcast

Apr 11, 2018

“I hate the word ‘employees’ because that already puts them in a box. Use ‘co-creators’ instead.” - Carol Sanford

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Education means “to draw out.”

But we spend our formative years sitting in classrooms getting information pushed in. This is the problem with our education system; it fundamentally, by translation, is not education. Most graduate without having unique thoughts provoked inside of them, a complete ignorance to their own cognitive and creative abilities.

On today’s episode of The MentorBox Podcast, we are joined by author, speaker, and executive educator, Carol Sanford. Carol has set out to reformulate how corporations and business people think of their “human capital.” Her newest book, The Regenerative Business, offers anecdotes and strategies to help leaders encourage company growth and impact by emphasizing employees as human individuals. In this discussion, we analyze the driving culture of thought that has led to failures and even scandals. Tune in to hear Carol explain what she’s doing to change all of that.

You can order Carol Sanford’s The Regenerative Business here

“The dissertation I worked on was studying scientists, because I believed the psychology of the scientist studying psychology was where the greatest error came.” - Carol Sanford

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Approach your business like building an ecosystem with earth, community, and investors
  • Most of modern psychology is founded upon a homogeneous population studying another homogeneous population
  • Behaviorists don’t take into account culture and diversity
  • Reification is making something real, bringing something into being, or making something concrete
  • Be skeptical of clickbait and how it permeates our public discourse
  • Educate others to be able to see through a discerning lens/set of mindsets
  • Teach your children to question your role as their parent
  • Shift paradigms by educating people through access to materials
  • It takes about a year to shift how somebody thinks
  • Think about education as a process, not an institution
  • The word “education” means to draw out, not cram in
  • Ask questions, not with an answer you want the person to give, but rather with a though you want them to generate
  • Silicon Valley companies have the highest impact on culture and education
  • There is more opportunity in business than in education