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MentorBox Podcast

Mar 28, 2018

“I know there’s more things to do, but I just want to do one thing and be the best at it.” - Dan Fleyshman

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Bill Gates has effectively cured malaria.

That’s the power of charity. When the wealthy band together, real threats to the human race can be wiped out. But this requires getting the billionaires to take out their wallets. How you do this is through guerilla marketing, putting yourself in front of them and demanding their attention and checkbook.

On today’s episode of The MentorBox Podcast, we are joined by the guerilla marketer Dan Fleyshman, who is the youngest ever founder of a publicly traded company in history. He is a successful angel investor in 28 different active startups and the author of How To Set-Up Your Business For Under $1000. In this discussion, he dives deep into his charity Model Citizen Fund, a non-profit that provides backpacks with over 150 items inside to underprivileged people around the world to give them the tools and confidence to build/rebuild their lives.

You can order Dan Fleyshman’s How To Set-Up Your Business For Under $1000 here

“I wanted to create something simple and straightforward. So I made backpacks for the homeless with 150 emergency supply items inside.” - Dan Fleyshman

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Remember that guerilla marketing supersedes hard work
  • Keep your brand consistent across all platforms
  • A 0% charity means no money is spent on overhead (staff, marketing, shipping, etc.)
  • Red Cross’ average response time in crises is 12 days
  • Quality over quantity; be the best at one thing, not the person who is average at many
  • Homeless people need cell phones, and you cannot get a job without a cell phone
  • Reorient your understanding of giving to charity as tax write-off
  • Look to the charities addressing basic human needs: water, food, and shelter
  • Bill Gates has effectively cured malaria
  • Whether someone as $10 billion or $1 trillion is irrelevant
  • Make sure you can see the cause-effect to your work
  • Approach charity and philanthropy in the most democratic way possible