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MentorBox Podcast

Mar 28, 2018

“I know there’s more things to do, but I just want to do one thing and be the best at it.” - Dan Fleyshman

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Bill Gates has effectively cured malaria.

That’s the power of charity. When the wealthy band together, real threats to the human race can be wiped out. But this requires getting the...

Mar 26, 2018

“Academics have agreed on, or deduced, the value of Greek vowels. So there is an agreed upon pronunciation.” - Mary Norris

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We don’t ever think Ancient Greece can help us.

But what if those epic novels and thousand-page philosophy reads were distilled into a more digestible read? What if you could...

Mar 23, 2018

"We persist or we don't persist relative to the standards we're willing to live down or up to."

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We’re told to never give up.

That our goals can be achieved through relentless willpower. Bu is that actually how successful people accomplish their goals? Is that what the definition of persistence is?...

Mar 21, 2018

“I want people to understand this is being done to them. Understanding how these hooks work is the only way you can break them.” - Nir Eyal

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Our smartphones distract us.

Whether it’s Instagram buzzing with a notification or new emails ringing into our inbox, the devices we carry provide an endless...