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MentorBox Podcast

Nov 8, 2018

“Create your ideal day. Create your ideal week. Then check, check, check, check, check. Become a robot.”

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To-do lists are supposed to get checked.

But so often, we transfer the unchecked onto a new to-do list, only to then half-complete that one again. This happens in all areas of life, from the gym...

Oct 31, 2018

  “Your purpose is the big problem you want to solve before you die.”

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Can we really find our purpose?

The reality is that we have to do our jobs to make money to put food on the table to then continue working our jobs. Nowhere in that cycle is there time for “finding” our purpose. And even if we...

Oct 24, 2018

“The more you love it, the more you’re passionate about it—the more action you’re going to take on it.” - William Shewfelt

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Dreaming is dangerous.

It’s easy to make peace with our current realities by imagining how the future is going to be different. While this might seem harmless in our...

Oct 18, 2018

“Successful people—no matter the details—are ultimately successful because they are f—ing relentless.”

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We are elegant storytellers.

When left to ourselves, our minds can play the trick of justifying anything and everything. And when it comes to achieving our dreams, we often hide excuses...

Oct 10, 2018

“Instead of calling it ‘selling’ - call it serving because you’re giving value to the other person.” - Julian Alfaro

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We all have a unique story to tell.

But often times, our busy lives make it difficult to tap into that voice. We become bogged down by the minutia of our day-to-day, clouding...