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MentorBox Podcast

Nov 28, 2018

“You will never have the energy to reach out if you’re poisoning your mind with the filth of negative friends.”

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Look around you.

Conscious or not, the personality traits of those around you will inevitably be absorbed by your own personality. While this thought might induce discomfort, it’s meant to be motivational. We have the power to choose who we become by choosing the people around us.

On today’s episode of the Mentorbox podcast, we are discussing the importance of your network. When we dig into the criteria of what makes a valuable friend, we can more intentionally navigate our social circles.

Tune in to today’s episode to learn who you should spend your time with, so you can achieve your potential!

“Success leaves clues. And those clues are relentless, obvious, right, and everywhere.”

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with
  • Find benevolent and kind mentors to learn from
  • Unfollow, unfriend, and delete friends from your feed
  • Give others as much value as they give you
  • Be aware of the feedback loops you and your friends fall victim to
  • It’s okay to cut your family off if they negatively affect you