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MentorBox Podcast

Nov 21, 2018

“On our own, we’re nothing. You may survive, though certainly you will not thrive.”

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Social media is complicated.

It is both an invasive tumor and the most powerful tool currently available. If we’re not conscious, the meaningless life updates will crowd our feeds and our minds, paralyzing us to do anything useful with the tool. That’s why we must make the deliberate effort to curate the content we bring in.

On today’s episode of the Mentorbox podcast, we are discussing the digital information we bring in to our inner circle. With so much of our day spent in front of a screen, it’s essential that we monitor and filter the content we bring into our brains.

Tune in to today’s episode to change your relationship with social media, so you can approach it with a curiosity to learn.

“Unfollow, unfriend, and then consciously replace with the best mentors you can find.”

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Customize your social media to let in information that improves your life
  • Read Napoleon’s Think and Grow Rich
  • Keep an important and on-purpose inner circle
  • Understand that the people around you are average
  • Brainwash yourself by only taking in the information of the elite
  • You can give extraordinary value to the world in any niche you desire to
  • The path to actualization is not easy, but it is simple 

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