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MentorBox Podcast

Oct 24, 2018

“The more you love it, the more you’re passionate about it—the more action you’re going to take on it.” - William Shewfelt

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Dreaming is dangerous.

It’s easy to make peace with our current realities by imagining how the future is going to be different. While this might seem harmless in our day-to-day, it can quickly tumble into a loop of inaction if we’re not careful. Instead of dreaming, we can seek out other ways to route our surplus of thought.

That’s why on today’s episode of The MentorBox Podcast, we are joined by actor, speaker, and health & fitness advocate—William Shewfelt—to discuss how to accomplish your goals. As an unhappy economics student, William quit to pursue his dreams. Today, he is most known for his portrayal of Brody the Red Power Ranger on Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

Listen to this episode to hear William’s secrets, so you can apply them to your own life.

You can learn more about William Shewfelt here

“You’re either growing or you’re atrophying. At all times There’s an ebb and flow—you’re either moving forwards or backwards.” - William Shewfelt

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Ask yourself what you are passionate about and what you want to do
  • Automate your progress by breaking your bigger goals into micro-achievements to move towards
  • Recalibrate your passion towards what will provoke action
  • Step 1 is getting control of your health, and then you can accomplish your goals
  • Create keystone habits for your day-to-day to have an anchor in
  • If you are succeeding at the majority of your goals, then they’re not big enough
  • Our society has evolved where mass messaging is more valuable than 1-on-1 coaching