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MentorBox Podcast

Aug 30, 2018

“Because there’s so many different platforms, there’s more opportunity for people to rise to the top.” - Lee Richter

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The pet industry speaks for the changing times.

It used to be that if you built a big enough business, you could just mass message consumers, and those seeking your product would become your customers. But today, a corgi owner only wants to know about corgi products. Technology has broken the messaging infrastructure, and now social media allows for niche brands to more pointedly target their audience.  

On today’s episode of the podcast, we are joined by Lee Richter. Lee is the Founder of Richter Communications and Design Group, an award-winning PR and Marketing firm. In this discussion, she unpacks the changing times for marketing, messaging, and what it takes to go viral.

Tune in to this conversation to learn her tactics, so you can implement them in your own hustle or pursuit.

You can learn more about Lee Richter here

“You never know what’s going to take off. You never know what people are going to love, and you never know what they’re going to despise.” - Lee Richter

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • In marketing, photos are just as, if not more, important than the message’s written word
  • Being creative in an authentic way has a way of touching the audience’s heartstrings
  • Audiences are becoming more micro-segmented, separated by the niches of interested
  • Look at trends in the pet industry to see what is happening in every other industry
  • Authors can extend the longevity of their books by creating online video content