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MentorBox Podcast

Aug 23, 2018

“What is it that great brands do, that is different from what we see as branding?” - Lucas Conley

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McDonald’s can ask Wendy’s, “What do you think about Trump?”

And then suddenly, Wendy’s has to voice its stance on the sociopolitical climate. It never used to be this way; corporations would hide behind the mechanics of the marketing and advertising machine. But today, a company must voice its authentic message to the market through the megaphones on social media.

On today’s episode of The MentorBox Podcast, we are joined by author and writer—Lucas Conley. Lucas Conley is an experienced journalist with an eye for stories that change how we see the world. Widely published in a number of fields, his work has appeared in The Boston Globe, SPIN, and ESPN: The Magazine, among other publications.

Tune in to this conversation to hear Lucas unpack what separates the great brands of today from the competition.

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“The market is more and more willing to hear socio political and sociocultural messages in a commercial environment.” - Lucas Conley

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Ask what elements brands can create to create long-lasting value in a short-term world
  • 90% of Fortune 500 are new in the last decade
  • Start the company that has a deeply personal mission to you
  • Today’s teenagers are the first true digital natives. Your brand must serve them
  • Studies show long-term thinkers actually act better and faster than those trying to capitalize on short-term trends
  • Culture now demands that the product is second to the message of the brand
  • Find a way for your brand to crack the categories of how the market is organized