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MentorBox Podcast

May 16, 2018

“The ironic way to create a great ad is to take a bunch of attention off your brand and point it inward at your own behavior.” - Jeff Rosenblum

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Watching TV used to mean watching commercials.

But today, we’re either bingeing on commercial-free platforms like Netflix and Amazon or turning to our smartphones when the commercials play. Research shows that 89% of TV ads are ignored today. So what does this mean for the brands who can no longer interrupt us with their messaging?

On today’s episode of The MentorBox Podcast, we are joined by Jeff Rosenblum to discuss the empowerment model of advertisement. Jeff is the co-president of the advertising agency, Questus, a documentary filmmaker, and the author of the book, Friction: Passion Brands in the Age of Disruption. In this conversation, we discuss why successful brands in the 21st century have moved away from an interruptive marketing style to advertisements that are meant to empower. Tune in to hear Jeff talk about how this will impact America’s corporate institution, if these new ads risk conflicting promotion with social cause, and are ethics becoming a part of promotional messaging?

You can order Jeff Rosenblum’s Friction: Passion Brands in the Age of Disruption here

“Passion brands dominate the competition. They don’t just have customers, and they don’t just have loyalty—they have an army of evangelists.” - Jeff Rosenblum

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Points to Keep In Mind

  • Great brands are built on standing out
  • Today’s brands need to solve problems, not just interrupt with clever messages
  • Passion brands have 8x the bottom line of non-passion brands
  • Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent each year on the interruptive model of advertisement
  • 89% of TV ads are ignored today, mostly due to the prevalence of the smartphone
  • You have a higher mathematical chance of surviving a plane crash than clicking on a banner ad
  • Ads just need to be gateways to the brand’s immersive experience, not entire descriptions of the brand’s story
  • The passion brand will likely influence how the social platforms develop their ad delivery systems
  • Look at Patagonia for an example of empowering advertisement
  • Nobody expects brands to be perfect; just honest, transparent, and trying to do their best
  • The best ads point attention away from the brand, and inward at their own behavior
  • Brands will inevitably be exposed, so get your culture and behavior right first and then focus on external messaging